Adjustable Portable Desk

Starts at: $495.00

The flexibility of this adjustable portable desk design makes us so happy!!  If you are like me, I move around when I work.  This portable office desk allows you to take your desk with you.  It is also the most stylish portable office desk we have seen, which is great for the home and office  Since it is so lightweight under 15 pounds, you don’t need the bulky casters.  You can easily pick it up and move to another room or office.  There is a convenient lip for picking up the desk.  To move the desk height up and down, it only takes about 20 pounds of force.  

Measurements when set-up:  22.5″ in length and adjustable from 21″ tall to 31.5″.  

Video to see this Adjustable Portable Desk in action

Past Clients: Clients needing a flexible desk solution. 

Custom: Multiple finishes.

Availability: In Stock.  

Shipping:   Included in the price.  

Install:  Easy, you can put this together in less than 10 minutes.  

Made in USA:  Yep!  Made in Indiana & Michigan.