Portable Folding Desk

Sale Price: $195.00

Portable Folding Desk

The flexibility of this design solves the problem of what to do for someone that isn’t in the office much.  You can rent this from us or purchase it.  Either way, it folds & comes on casters.  You move it out of the way when not in use.  One client that purchase this loved that he can keep his items on the desk and they will fold up with the desk.  When you do need the desk, you can open it and spread out.  It even has a marker board & fabric pinboard

Measurements when set-up:  8′ in length & 48″ in depth.  When folded, it is 3′ wide, 2′ feet deep, & 5′ tall.  

Video with more details

Past Clients: Clients needing a flexible desk solution. 

Sustainable Office: Yes, these are used desks.

Custom: No.

Availability: Out of stock.  

Rent:  $40 a month.

Shipping:  Not included in the price.  –  This is a big item to ship.  Best guess at cost $700 – $900.  

Out of stock