Small Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder Freestanding or Hanging

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Don’t be sheepish…we love this small bathroom toilet paper holder that can be freestanding or hanging.  This sheep will save you from an awkward bathroom waddle!  

Designing our office bathroom proved a challenge.  Our immediate need was the towel holder.  We found some reclaimed pool sticks and checked that off the list. Then, a reclaimed rusted wrench mounted on some scrap walnut became our toilet paper holder.  

Rustic Toilet Paper & Tower Holder

rustic bathroom decor reclaimed towel holder & toilet paper roll holder

After being in our space a few months, we kept coming back to this sheep toilet paper holder.  It is so cute & running out of toilet paper is not fun.  

We love that it can store up to 7 rolls.  It is not a big piece.  The measurement is 21″ wide by 12″ x 5″ deep.   It is available on Amazon Prime.   We have an affiliate link, so no more money to you, but does help us keep on the bathroom lights.  (smile)

We are happy with the purchase and would recommend it as a small bathroom toilet paper holder.  Now, any time we visit a public bathroom we like, we share it on our office bathroom ideas page.  


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