Small Wood Reception Desk

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Small wood reception desk  The fun stuff about this reception desk:  It is flexible.  Not like a gymnast flexible, but it is flexible in that is can be used as sales counter, bar, hostess stand, etc.  You can even add wheels!  So, say you are wanting to hide from an angry client, you could wheel this baby in front of the door & that client isn’t getting thru it.  It is shown with a transaction top.  What is a transaction top?   It is the handy piece of wood giving you no excuse for a messy signature.  If used as a bar, it is the feature that keeps you from trying to balance a drink on a 2″ cap and then getting upset when gravity takes over & you end up with a drink on the floor.  

And, we can also add a file pedestal for storage.  You know a file cabinet where you can hide your mess or magazine when your boss comes around the corner.  The size of 4′ x 2′ is a common footprint.  The height of the transaction top is 42″ tall.  The laminate work surface on the back side is 29″ tall which is standard height.  We can customize the size to meet your needs.  

The wood planks can be hung vertical or horizontal with or without spacing between them.  In this piece, the planks are butted up together.  Fun…I just used the word butted.  My 6 year old would be proud!  The wood is alder with a maple transaction top.  The work surface came from our preowned inventory.   Actually, it came from a dumpster dive of the counter top shop across the street.  They have no idea why it was thrown away.  We don’t either, but good for you it lowered the price of the front desk.  

This one has been sold, but we can make another one just for you!  Reach out to us at

To get a better idea, here is our video. 

Here is an example with horizontal planks with spacing.  This one also has casters and no transaction top.  Contact us to customize for your needs. 

small wood sales counter

Shipping:  Due to heavy shipping costs, the new owner of this small reception desk would be best is within 4 hours of Kansas City.  

Reception Desk Amazon:  Since our wood reception desk, isn’t the best for shipping.  Our friends at DFS Designs have an option in laminate available for purchase on Amazon.  This reception desk is the same size, budget friendly, & easy to assemble.  

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