Used Cubicles Kansas City Many Configurations Available

Starts at: $995.00

Used Cubicles Kansas City This Knoll Morrison used cubicle inventory is a dream for flexibility.  It is a neutral gray.  The storage pedestals have a fresh coat of paint.  You can do many different sizes (7 x 7s), (6 x 6s,) (5 x 5s), (4 x 4s), (4  2s) (4 x 6s), (8 x 8s) etc.  Flexibility in heights too.  You can do 48” or 64” tall.  Glass available.   Need help visualizing the different cubicles sizes & heights, this cubicle size page is for you.

Past Clients: Any client looking for affordable cubicles.

Sustainability: Yes, we utilized used cubicles. 

Custom: Somewhat limited depending on what you need.

Availability:  30+ Lead time is 2 to 3 weeks from time of order.  Ships from Kansas City.

Shipping:  Not included in Price