Used Cubicles Kansas City Many Configurations Available

Starts at: $995.00

Used Cubicles Kansas City This Knoll Morrison used cubicle inventory is a dream for flexibility.  It is a neutral gray.  The storage pedestals have a fresh coat of paint.  You can do many different sizes (7 x 7s), (6 x 6s,) (5 x 5s), (6 x 5s), (4 x 4s), (4 x 2s) (4 x 6s), (8 x 8s) etc.  Flexibility in heights too.  You can do 48” or 64” tall.  Glass available.   Need help visualizing the different cubicles sizes & heights, this cubicle size page is for you.

There are several other used cubicle inventories on the market.  Steelcase Answer cubicles and Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles are workstation systems with local options.  

Past Clients: Any client looking for affordable cubicles.

Sustainability: Yes, we utilized used cubicles. 

Custom: Somewhat limited depending on what you need.

Availability:  30+ Lead time is 2 to 3 weeks from time of order.  Ships from Kansas City.

Shipping:  Not included in Price