Used Steelcase Tanker Desk

Sale Price: $175.00

This is a used Steelcase tanker desk.  At one point, we had a client considering purchasing 20 of them and going with a 1950s theme.  We located a couple  to test a vinyl wrap in 1950s graphics.  The project design changed leaving these retro cool pieces available!  Size:  60″ length & 36″ depth  

Past Clients: Folks that like vintage pieces.

Sustainable Office: Yes, these are used.  It came out of a state building in downtown KC. 

Custom:  Yes, we can customize this with a wrap.  We have lots of ideas!

Availability:  0 available.  We sold our last tanker desk.  We recommend you check out the tankers desks here.  If nothing else, it will give you some ideas on what you can do with a tanker desk.  

Rent:  $40 a month.

Shipping:  Not included in the price.  They are heavy!   Shipping would be very expensive.  

Out of stock