Vintage Brass Decor

Starts at: $39.99

We love vintage brass decor.  Since I was a little girl and my grams told me a story about her brass vase, I was hooked and forever a brass fan.  Grams told me she had inherited the brass vase from her great aunt.  It was tarnished.  It was so tarnished to the point where you couldn’t see the brass.  She talked about working hard to bring it back to life.  I loved the vase and the story.  That vase is now a permanent fixture in our home and the reason brass is a favorite to use in office and home decor.  

Vintage Brass Decor 

I love finding vintage brass decor and bringing it back to life.  Brass is an easy way to dress up an area.  Also, did you know brass is made of copper?  As such, bacteria and virus can not live long on it.  During virus outbreaks in the 1800s, research found the musicians that played in the brass instruments in the army faired much better than non-musicians.  

Here is our current offering of brass pieces.  You can purchase any piece for $39.99.  Add a second piece for $24.99.  Our pricing includes shipping.  

How to Purchase:  You can add this item to your quote.   In the tell us about your project field, tell us which vintage brass decor item(s) you want.  We will e-mail you a PayPal invoice to pay electronically.  Then, we will ship our your vintage brass piece!  

Vintage Brass Pineapple Bookends  — SOLD!

These PM Craftsman brass pineapple bookends are exactly what you want in bookends.  They are 3 pounds each to hold up books.  They are fun and pineapples are happy!  

Dimensions:  Height: 7 Inches; Width: 3.5 Inches; Depth: 2.5 Inches

On the bottom of each end, they have felt and won’t scratch your desk top. The label of PM Craftsman is also on the bottom along with a Made in Taiwan sticker.

Vintage brass pineapple bookends

Vintage Brass Bird

Love this unique vintage brass bird.  The curves stood out with the bird looking down.  

vintage brass duck

Vintage Brass Apple Bell

Sweet is the word that comes to mind with this vintage brass apple bell.  It is 3″ tall and just over 2″ wide.  So many ideas come to mind with this brass apple bell.  It could be a teachers gift or a reception bell for an office.  

vintage brass apple bell

Vintage Brass Swan 

This vintage sweet brass statue is 4″ wide x 6″ tall.  It is shined up and ready for a new home.