Vinyl Floor Mats Kansas City

Starts at: $50.00

Vinyl Floor Mats Kansas City We love these vinyl floor mats! We did a happy dance when we found them as we had been looking for cool options for office chair mats.  These vinyl floor mats come in different sizes which is perfect for multiple solution.  They are perfect for hard floors like wood & concrete.  They work as office chair mats, runners for kitchen floors, entry mats, screen porch mats, under dining table, etc.  We think everyone should have at least 3!  And, yes, we have more than 3.  

These mats work for commercial & residential settings.  There are options for any design style:  Modern, Industrial, Modern Industrial, Mid-Century, etc.  If you have pets, they are still stylish & you can not beat them for cleaning.  

Pricing depends on size.   

There are 12 patterns in 4 sizes (20″ x 30″, 38″ x 56″, 52″ x 76″, & 70″ x 102″) available for Quick Ship (ships in 6 business days).  This means your order will be shipped within 6 business days of payment.  Yea!!  Can’t wait 6 days, we get it!  We also have some of the mats on-hand for immediate shipment.  E-mail me with the following:  

  1.  The size of room you want a vinyl floor mat.
  2. The color of your room.

Once I receive your e-mail, I will pull together some options & send them to you.  

Past Clients:  Anyone with hard floors, pet owners, stylish peeps!  

Sustainability: Vinyl, so not exactly.  

Custom:  So many sizes & options.  Whatever your room style, we have a vinyl floor mat to match.

Availability:  Some styles in our showroom.  Others can be ordered.  

Entry Mat 20″ x 30″ $50

Office Floor Mat 38″ x 56″ $220

Video for more detail

Here is one of the Quick Ship Mats we delivered to a client!  The size here is a 70″ x 102″.   If you love the vinyl floor mat below & prefer to purchase via Amazon instead of us, it is available in the 52″ x 76″ size for $420.  If you wouldn’t mind using our affiliate link, that would be wonderful.  Same price for you, but a very small referral fee for us.  Click here to get that vinyl floor mat there.   

Floral Flooring

As a more economic option, we have these vinyl plank chair mat for hardwood floors made down the street from us.  At a size of 48″ x 36″, the price with shipping is $99.  Contact us about this new offering & we can talk thru options.

chair mat for hardwood floor

We can also take one of local artist’s work on these vinyl planks.  

colorful vinyl flooring