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Trash Studio Funky Painted Furniture that puts the color in Colorful & the Fun in Functional

With a steampunk vibe, a kick of cool color, and a kiss of industrial chic, you have Dawn’s unique style.  When we first met Dawn years ago, it was the first time we heard of steampunk furniture.  She shared passion for reclaimed material and sustainable, eco-friendly design.  Whether she is making a guitar from a cigar box or a table from reclaimed wood doors, she customizes to meet her clients needs.  Now, we are so lucky that she is our neighbor on Design Drive.  

We love these pictures to show the start to finish of Dawn’s work from reclaimed door to incredible table tops.  Once you see her work, the wheels will start turning on a custom piece for her to do for you.  We lost count on the designs we have discussed!  Funky & colorful, her painted furniture manages to keep the reclaimed vibe with still being both feminine & masculine.  

How to Make a Table from Reclaimed Doors

The tabletop beginning to get paint.  

Female Artists Kansas City

BAM! Incredible tabletop.  

Industrial Chic Tabletop

Steampunk Furniture 

We were getting so much interest from folks wanting to do this on their own, we have a 30 minute consult to learn from Dawn.  

Consult 30 minutes for $35

Here is a steampunk furniture desk.  Need office desk accessories to go with it?  Yes, we know someone that can help with that!!  

steampunk desk

Funky Painted Furniture

This beauty became an industrial pub table.  

industrial pub table

colorful painted furniture

For this client, we mixed resin and paint for this custom coffee table.  

industrial chic furniture

Custom Stair Riser

Wow, check out these custom stair risers for a client.  As with all of Dawn’s work it was hand painted.  For a budget option, this could be done in decals of Dawn’s work.  

custom stair riser

Colorful Painted Furniture 

Need cool doors for your outdoor bathroom?  Yep, Dawn has done that too!!  She has even created doors for a chicken coop.  Talk about your coolest chicken coop ever!!  

Outdoor bathroom ideas

Another favorite…this storage cabinet matches an entry table Dawn created.  

reclaimed wood storage cabinet

funky painted furniture

From steampunk furniture, we moved to one of her custom cigar box guitars.  

cigar box guitar for sale

Need something?  Contact us! or 913-701-4847.




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