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Corporate Art Consultants Kansas City

We understand not every office design budget can afford corporate art consultants, but we love it when it does!  If the budget doesn’t permit an entire office, how about just a BAM piece.  That one piece that hits someone with a BAM as they are walking thru your office.  We can assist you in finding your BAM office piece!  

Corporate Art Consultants

So, what do corporate art consultants do?  On the job featured here, this consultant worked with our client after they finalized the furniture selection.  We did our speciality in designing the office with our shared client & then, the art consultant came in working with some unique art pieces to bring the office design to life!

She works with local artists which further supported the local design community.  

Once decisions are firm, the artists begin their work.  You do not have to worry about delivery & installation that is all included!  

Why you need Art in your Office

It does not matter what your business, the ability to be creative is needed.  Creativity is contagious!  When you have art around you, you feel creative.  We also believe art is what ties the entire project together.  It warms up the office design.  There are several studies of art in workplace showing positive results on productivity, creativity, & stress reduction.  A good summary article of the impact of art in the workplace is this one by Forbes.  

It using a corporate art consultant expensive?

If you are in the middle of redoing your office, you have figured out it can be really expensive or it can be really affordable.  It is truly up to you.  Where do you want to focus the budget.  Ergonomic chairs for employees is usually a choice most clients want.  Here we can find you good ergonomic chairs in our pre-owned inventory or our new value option for less than $200.  

Affordable New Ergonomic Chair

Corporate art consultants work the same way.  The art can be custom metal frames or a value option.  The paper chosen for prints can impact the price.  Think about your budget & we will work within in that.  We want you to have love your office & come within budget too!!

Local Kansas City Artists 

Since we love art.  We do have some Kansas City artists featured in our showroom.  From the moss wall art to a BAM of color, these artists can customize to fit your corporate artwork needs. 

Wood Wall Decor

Wood Wall Decor

Moss Painting 

Moss Graffiti

Large Metal Heart Decoration

We love this customize large metal heart decoration for an office.  This is a BAM! piece behind the front desk or accent wall.  You can add moss, wood, pictures, etc.  Whether you need a 3 foot heart, 4 foot heart, or 5 foot heart, we can fabricate.  And, if you need a dog paw inside that heart, we can do that too!!  Contact us to discuss.

Large Metal Heart Decoration

When we move into our showroom on Design Drive, we started meeting more and more creatives.  The artist that made this watercolor lives just a few doors down from us.  She can make a custom piece for you office.  We love the industrial feel of our building.  You can see the renovation from a millwork shop to showroom.  Back in 1915, it was created as a staging place for goods coming off the railroad.  Now the Kansas City Southern train runs just a couple times a month on this track.  

Industrial Art 

industrial art


We love the use of framed flowers photography in this lobby art.  This local Belton dentist wanting calming art for his office design.  Flowers are beautiful & calming.  Pictures of flowers were framed for the waiting room, bathroom, & all the dental rooms.  Interested in this art?  Email me to connect with the local photographer. 

Framed Flowers

lobby art

dental clinical interior decoration


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