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Tuesday, Oct. 5th 2021

Insurance Office Design Ideas

insurance office design ideas

As a family business ourself, we understand the family recruitment for extra help to work on insurance office design ideas. The client was looking for private offices for an insurance company and his mother-in-law was tasked to help! We worked with her on the initial concept and kicked around some design ideas for the cubicles.

Insurance Office Design

This client had a great start on an office design lay-out for their office. In many cases, we receive a rough draft with some measurements. Here is what our client sent us. They wanted us to focus on the 2 cubicles.


insurance office design
Insurance Office Design

Private Office for Insurance Company

The next step was to work on the design of what they wanted. We started with an example of cubicles with doors they liked from a past client. After getting to a lay-out they liked, we mailed them finish options to make sure the fabric, metal, and laminate would work with their floor and paint choices.

8×9 Offices 

These are 8×9 offices.  We have 3′ of space for the aisle and 3′ of space for guest seating in front of the L desk.  We are at the minimum we would recommend for both.  You can definitely have a larger aisle and more room for guest seating.  

Before placing the order, we did a quick call to double check measurements and go over finish choices. They wanted to break up the laminates on the desk. We did a wood grain grey laminate for the desk top and a solid grey for the desk modesty or front piece. This allowed for some contrast from the floor to the desk top.

8x9 offices
8×9 Offices

insurance agent office design
Insurance Agent Office Design

Insurance Agent Office Design

At the end of the call, we decided to have our designers do a rendering with the finishes to make sure that was what we wanted. You can see how close the rendering was to the actual install.

We believe it was a job well done! This insurance company has a very bright future!

private offices for insurance company
Private Office for Insurance Company

If you want to hear more about design insight to this insurance company design, please watch the video below:

Please contact us or feel out the form below for us to design something for your office!



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