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Industrial Office Ideas

We have industrial office ideas to inspire you!  We have done several office furniture installations incorporating reclaimed wood, metal, glass, that work with industrial settings of concrete floors and brick walls. 

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As you can imagine, we have lots of industrial office furniture ideas.  The picture above came from a recent install showcasing industrial office designs.  Let’s start with some of the elements of industrial design.  We love that many buildings are being restored to their natural state.  We did a post on the restoration of our old building. 

Reclaimed wood is a very popular feature in industrial office ideas.  From walls to ceilings to column wraps, wood is a way to warm up an industrial space.  We love concrete floors with wood as a contrast to the cool feel of concrete.  In many of our ideas to create an industrial look for the office, we incorporate wood.  

The amount of wood depends on the use of wood throughout the space.  You can learn more about identifying wood types to get a better idea of what might work for your project.  We have used wood on reclaimed cubicle panels.  If you like live wood edges in our industrial desk ideas, we have reclaimed metal cubicle overheads and faced them with live wood edges.  

Another element you see in industrial design is red brick.  We splash red brick in our industrial office design ideas.  A brick wall or a brick column is a BAM! piece for any office.  We often tell the story of a client that wanted a BAM wall.  He wanted something in his office design that would make the person walk into their office space & say BAM!  If your space doesn’t naturally have brick, you could do brick wallpaper or incorporate brick veneer.  

Then, you need metal.  Some good made in the USA metal has to be somewhere in your industrial office.  We share incorporating metal in our industrial office decor ideas.   In our industrial office cubicle ideas, you can see we used painted pipe legs in one modern industrial office furniture installs.  We also utilized some reclaimed burlap as fabric in an industrial cubicle install.  In our vintage industrial office furniture ideas, we share how we got some help from Trash Studio to make some used files become vintage industrial files.  

What about leather or leather looking?  When you are thinking about industrial office seating ideas, the richness of leather softens the rigid elements of metal and wood.  

Many industrial style offices have concrete floors.  One company visited our building several times to duplicate the look of our concrete floors.  We love our floors.  We also have the best industrial flooring ideas for the office.   Vinyl flooring for the low maintenance of easy cleaning is one of our go-to recommendations.  

Once you have the big items selected in your industrial office design, it is time to think about industrial office decor ideas.   We share examples of industrial organization like bulletin boards and magnetic board.  From patent artwork to other industrial framed art, we showcase art that compliments the wood and metal in your design.  Then, we look at industrial planters ideas.  Every office should consider biophilic design.  

In case you need more industrial office ideas, please follow my pinterest board.  


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