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Office Cubicle Cleaning

Office cubicle cleaning of your cubicle partitions, panels, and office chairs is one of the services we provide.  From coffee stains to soda, your cubicle fabric gets dirty.  We use a high grade professional extractor to remove stains and germs.  

Our mission is to clean your office furniture in an effective, safe way!

There is something about the smell of a clean cubicle and office chair that adds some pep to your step.  Having a happy office is a clean office!  We have cleaned thousands of cubicle panels and office chairs.   We can set-up our cleaning during a time convenient for your office.  Weekend, after hours…we can do that!

Office Furniture Cleaning 

In this job, we spot cleaned the cubicle panel tiles.  Cubicle upholstery has the benefit of being made to last.  It cleans up well!  We love that when you clean your office furniture, you can see immediate results.  

Office Furniture Cleaning

Office Chair Cleaning  

These booths were in the restaurant of large office.  They were used daily and the fabric showed it from the amount of stains on them.  That didn’t scare us and we went to work cleaning them!  They looked almost brand new after we finished cleaning them.   

office chair cleaning

Cubicle Cleaning Service 

Here is another example of the office cubicle cleaning we provide.   These cubicle panels went from dirty to clean.  We give facelifts to your office furniture!  

cubicle partition cleaning

If you are interested in having your office furniture cleaned, please contact us.  

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