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Office Furniture Portland OR

We love our clients and how our office furniture Portland Oregon projects resulted in new, happy offices.  Here are the office design solutions that led to some high kicks! For this first client, they were looking for cubicles.  After a few more discussions and looking at the pictures of the space, we worried that the cubicle panels would block the natural sunlight from the windows.  Instead, we landed on new laminate office desks and desk dividers.

Office Desks Portland OR

In any office design, you will need to pick a laminate for your office desks Portland OR, tables, reception desk, and cubicle work surfaces.  Grey laminate with a wood grain pattern is very popular.  Our client chose this laminate for the project.  

office desks portland OR
Office Furniture Portland Oregon

Office Dividers Portland Oregon

To give the needed privacy, the client selected these office dividers.  With the plexiglass and marker board combination, these dividers leave an open office feel in a safe post covid environment.  

We could not have completed the project without a good local partner.  With a local install team to receive and deliver the product, the distance of being in Kansas City did not impact our ability to take care of the client.  

It looks awesome! ~ Jennifer, Portland, OR

Desk Dividers Portland OR
Desk Dividers Portland OR

Office Cubicles Portland Oregon

For this next project of office cubicles Portland, our client found us from our cubicle sizes resource page. The area is a warehouse environment. They wanted mid height cubicles at 50″ tall. They did not need any file cabinet storage. To maximize the size of the cubicles with the space available, 7 x 7 cubicles work best. We sent paint and laminate samples to the client.

office cubicles portland oregon
Office Cubicles Portland Oregon

After the client selected the finishes of fabric, laminate, and metal, we placed the order. We love the end result. The cubicles work perfectly with the carpet.

office workstations portland
Office Workstations Portland OR

If you are looking for office furniture Portland Oregon, we would love to help. With our incredible local partner, we can be full service with your office design. Please contact us below.

Remanufactured Cubicles Portland OR

Here are pictures from another completed install of Remanufactured cubicles in Portland. This client wanted cubicles that were forward facing. The glass windows at the top tier of the cubicles kept the open feel. The windows along the back wall were not blocked. This is another way to allow maximum light into the space.

forward facing cubicle designs
Forward Facing Cubicles
remanufactured cubicles portland
Remanufactured Cubicles Portland

Used Office Furniture Portland OR

Designing a small space is always more difficult than a large space. Our client was challenged in they needed to add another employee to the accounting team. They have another year and a half on their lease, so a short term, cost effective option was best. The client sent us field measurements and a video of the space. From there, we created a lay-out that would reuse their existing furniture and add a desk, panel dividers, and some overhead storage for the existing team members.

In the spirit of the phrase measure twice, cut once, we had our local install partner go out to the space to make sure we had the right design. With a few tweaks, we created a layout that was just what the client needed to make it to their lease completion. We were even able to add a few goodies like a locking binder bin for existing team members. We love the feedback from our client.

It all looks great.  Thank you Niki. I personally am very impressed.  Designed and thought out perfectly!  Thank you so much! ~ Sara

Used Office Furniture Portland OR was used to give this accounting team exactly what they needed.
Used Office Furniture Portland OR

Cubicle Installation Portland

If you already have the cubicles, we can also handle your cubicle installation.  Recently, we assisted a client that had cubicles in storage.  Working with our local partner, we did an inventory, lay-out to figure out what new parts they needed, priced out and then, handled the installation of the existing cubicles.  We think they turned out wonderful!  

cubicle installation portland
Cubicle Installation Portland
office cubicle design Portland
Office Cubicle Design Portland

Whatever your office furniture need in Portland OR, contact us. We can do it all: office desks, dividers, chairs, cubicles, installation, etc.

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