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Office Liquidation Checklist & How to Sell Office Furniture

I have office furniture to sell. What do I do?   

You have office furniture you no longer need & it is time to get rid of it.  What are your options?  

The first questions we will ask:  Do you have pictures & quantities you can send us?  What is your timeframe?  

We have had companies tell us they have a lot of furniture & some companies only have 1 desk.  If you have less than 25 matching of anything, we suggest you post it on your Facebook page or NextDoor.  You can also post to Craigslist & Facebook marketplace.  

Office Liquidation Checklist

If you are still reading, you must have a bigger liquidation.  Here is our office liquidation checklist of items to access your project:


Pictures are huge.  We want a picture of each item.  For example, we want the front of the chair, back of the chair, & tag from underneath.  The tag will tell us the manufacturer, finishes, & date of manufacturer.  Also, the condition on a scale of 1 – 10.  Are most of the chairs pretty clean?  Do the chairs work?  Arm caps in good condition?  

For cubicles, the tag is on the top of the panel underneath the top cap.  You can pop off the top cap to get this information.  

where to look for the cubicle manufacturer









Draw the typical of the most common cubicle.  This will let us know if the cubicle can be reconfigured to a different cubicle size.  

Also, we want a close up of the underneath storage cabinets,  These are the pedestals.  What is the depth on these?  Do the pedestals have a top or are they supporting the weight of the work surface?  In many liquidations, the cubicle panels are not being saved.  The metal is being recycled.  The pedestals may have value & can be sold to offset a portion of the labor removal cost.  

example of non supporting pedestal









Push Distance 

Now, that we know what you have we want to know more about your office building to understand the labor costs.  What is the distance from the furniture to the outside of the building?  Are there freight elevators?  Any other elevators available?  Is there a dock?  Any staging area at the dock?  Can a 53′ trailer fit in the dock?  


What is the timeline for furniture removal?  Can we do this during the day?  The more work that can be done during the day the better for the cost.  Is union labor a requirement?  Any other deadlines to note?  

What is next?

You have put together this information, now what do you do?  You can e-mail this out to the local used office furniture dealers & installers in your market.  You can send it to us and we can give you some local contacts.  Office liquidation is one of the services we provide.  

What should you expect?    

The used office furniture industry has changed in the last 5 years.  With the pressure of import pricing, it no longer makes sense for dealers to keep used office desks, tables, & reception desks.  Companies can purchase these items new for less than a dealer can charge for them.  Plus, the used items are very bulky to store in warehouses.  This has reduced the number of used dealers in the marketplace and those dealers are very picky about what they keep for stock.  Most office liquidations are going negative.  This means the value of the office furniture does not offset the labor cost to remove it.  

Office Liquidation Checklist

For a PDF of this check-list and an example of what one company created, e-mail me & I will send it to you with the title Office Liquidation Checklist: 


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