Best white spray paint for furniture

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We believe this is the best white spray paint for furniture!  We have used this multiple times including on this DIY desk makeover.  We were given a wicker bookcase missing shelves.   This is no problem at all when you have a woodworker down the street to make wood shelves!  3 cans of white spray paint later, the project was done!!  

The project took a bit of time as it was done on mom time:  30 minutes here and 30 minutes there to let the paint dry during rounds & rotate the wicker bookcase to get all the sides.  I love this paint as the kids are able to use it too.  It goes on smooth without streaking.  

I purchased my Rust-oleum paint & primer in one at Lowes, but it is available on Amazon in many different colors.  We use the gloss white for most of our projects.  You can even purchase in a 6 pack!  When you click on Amazon, it is an affiliate link.  That is no charge for you, but does give us a quarter or so to keep the lights on.  🙂  

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