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Sunday, Aug. 12th 2018

Old desk makeover watch desk goes from boring to BAM! in less than 2 hours

Boring to Bam Table Old desk makeover

DIY Old Desk Makeover 

We started with this old desk or small table that had been in my mother’s basement for MANY, MANY years.  The piece had good bones & was just outdated.  We love the size, making versatile at less than 41″.   We envisioned this as a desk.  With the size, it would be a good desk for a young one.  With that in mind, we wanted to enlist the assistance of my 6 year old daughter.   

splatter paint ideas

Repurposed Desk Ideas

We started by cleaning the piece.  Then, we made a mistake.    We applied the wallpaper next.  Don’t do that.  Make that your last step.  Wait until after the splatter painting.  Your next step is spray painting the base white.  We used flat white spray paint.  

spray painting desk

Upcycled Desk Ideas

After the desk was painted white & dried, here is our favorite 6 year old using a splatter painting technique.  We took a piece of cardboard and leaned it against a wall to practice.  You get a little bit of paint & flick your wrist.  

splatter paint techniques

Splatter Paint Techniques

We kept the original gold pull.  We cleaned it & reinstalled it.  Here is a picture of the piece finished.  

upcycled furniture before and after

Old Desk Makeover

We did some staging to give you an idea of how this desk could work in a home.  

repurposed desk ideas

Wallpaper Furniture Ideas


upcycled desk ideas

Upcycled Furniture Before and After

To watch old desk makeover video. 

We worked with the interior designer on this original wallpaper furniture piece for a conference room buffet.  Due to the positive response, the designer specified it for a second location.  We produced one for Las Vegas and one for San Francisco.  

If you like this conference room set-up or looking for more wallpaper furniture ideas, we did this conference room buffet from the same wallpaper.  

Modern Conference Room Design Kansas City


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