Conference Room Table and Chairs

Sale Price: $2,995.00

This is a modern office conference room table and chairs set is one example of the variety of conference tables and chairs for sale. We even have a conference room calculator to help you find the size of conference table for your conference room.   This 6′ x 3′ blue recycled glass tabletop was made in KC from post consumer recycled glass.  The pre-owned aluminum conference chairs pick up the shards of mirror in the table top completely the unique, modern & sustainable design.  These chairs have since been sold.  The conference room table is still available for local to Kansas City buyers.  

To view the video for more information:

conference room table and chairs

Past Clients:  We have many clients that have loved the sustainability of recycled glass table tops.  From 42″ round break tables to a 14′ boat shaped conference table, these tables are BAM pieces!

Sustainability:  Yes, this is a recycled glass conference table paired with high end used conference chairs.  

Custom:  Yes, we can customize a conference table for you.

Availability:  Ready to go.

(Rent for $95 a month + install & removal cost for a short term need.)

Shipping:  Not included in Price

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