Grid Wall for Cubicle Decor

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Grid Wall for cubicle decor is an easy way to display your pictures.  Also, Grid Wall has lots of accessories to add on shelves, pen holders, etc.  And, it made JoAnna Gaines recommendation for office decor.  

This vendor sells white or black and the size is 25″ x 18″.   It is metal and you could paint the grid wall.  There is not enough magnetic surface area, so it doesn’t well with magnetic accessories.  The grid wall package includes 8 multi-colored wood paper clips & 2 hanging adhesives.  Know where you want to place the grid wall.  I did move mine & it took off the wall paint.  Lucky, the walls are white & with some white out, you can barely notice.  It terms of the paper clips, they are cute; however, I will likely need to upgrade at some point.  

If you are hanging on a cubicle, these cubicle hangers work well.  Depending on how much you want to hang on it and assuming your cubicle wall is tackable, you could hang with push pins.  As you get weight on it, you will likely need to upgrade to some of the cubicle hangers.  

Budget friendly on the price.  If you click to purchase on Amazon, we will get a small fee to keep the lights on.  

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