Best Cubicle Partition Adjustable Hangers to Hang Decor

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These are the best cubicle adjustable brackets to hang pictures or art.  They are strong in metal which means they are also magnetic.  They come in only black, but could be painted.  If you have some white out, you could try that. 🙂  Every manufacturer of cubicles have a difference thickness of cubicle panels.  Most are between 2″ & 3.5″.  These hangers adjust and solve the problem where you do not need to know your cubicle manufacture.  You just measure the thickness of the cubicle panel to make sure they work!  

We created this video showing how to use these adjustable brackets to fit over the top of your cubicle panel or partition.  

These are on Amazon Prime for $5.99, so budget friendly too!   We have more office cubicle decoration ideas from planters to bulletin boards. 

Office Cubicle Shelf

These cubicle adjustable hangers work with our hanging cubicle shelf.  

cubicle hanging shelf

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