Live Edge Console Table

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Live Edge Console Table  Beautiful elm table with metal U Legs.  The dimensions are 54″ in length, 18″ at the deepest point of the live edge, & 32″ in height.  This table would work as an entry way table or console table.   Only available in KC for local customers.  

Video for more details. 


Sustainability:  Yes, the lumber came from Urban Lumber versus a mill.  Urban Lumber is dedicated to making the most out of our local natural resources, specifically our neighborhood trees. Since 2005 they have been taking trees that are discarded as waste and sawing them up into usable lumber. 

Custom:  Yes, we can customize to make you exactly what you want.  

Availability:  There is some lead time.  

Delivery:  Yes, delivery can be done for local (Kansas City clients).  

Shipping:  If you are outside of Kansas City, see below for an Amazon console table option that can be shipped to you.  

Live Edge Bench with Hairpin Legs:  This live edge top could have easily been made into console table.  The wood is cottonwood.  We added 18″ hairpin legs.  We could have done 28″ tall hairpin legs. 

bench with hairpin legs

Console Table to be Shipped to You

For clients outside of Kansas City that like the hair pin style, here is an option we like on Amazon in the console table.


We love the naturalness of moss.  To learn more about the moss featured on this console table, you can check it out here:

Framed Moss pictured

If you are a fan of wood slabs, here are some other things to make with wood slabs:

We love this creative idea of using a live wood edge as an in out office board.  When you are in the office, you grab your coffee mug.  

In Out Office Board

This company also did a bar height narrow conference table out of a live edge wood slab.  

Live Edge Conference Table

If you want something done with a live wood edge slab and close to Kansas City, e-mail me: