Moss Painting Kansas City

Starts at: $199.00

We love moss painting, moss wall art, plant painting, broccoli on walls, cool green stuff, etc.  Whatever you want to call it, we love it!!   The preserved moss means low maintenance.  Also, moss has the benefit of being dense to dampen out sounds which is very helpful when you have coworkers that sound like they swallowed a megaphone.  In the days of open office design, noise pollution is a common problem.  A moss painting can help that while at the same time cleaning VOCs in the air.  

Past Clients:  Restaurants, Residential, Open Office clients.  

Sustainability:  Yes, this was harvested in the US & preserved.  The moss painting was done in Kansas City.  The framework was done locally by a KC manufacturer.  

Custom:  Yes, we can customize to your size & framing needs.  Round, square, hexagon, diamond, we can customize moss in the size & shape you want.  We have done logos, initials, etc.  

Availability:  3 – 5 weeks.  

Starts at: $199  (Rent for $30 a month for a short term need.) for a 12″ x 12″ with a French cleat.  

Shipping:  Not included in Price

Check out other examples of the Moss Paintings.  

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E-mail me & let’s talk moss!