Modern Glam Cubicle Shelf

Starts at: $69.00

This modern glam cubicle shelf is just what one client order to give her cubicle some BAM!  She saw our wood cubicle shelf and asked for a modern version.  She wanted an acrylic shelf.  We came up with a 23.5″ x 4.5″ deep x 1/2″ thick acrylic shelf.  The modern glam cubicle shelf looks amazing with gold, rose gold, glass, and brass cubicle accessories.  Your order includes the adjustable cubicle hangers, brackets, shelf, and shipping!  

We love when past client share their cubicle shelf decor.  From a client that switches out with the holidays to farmhouse cubicle decor, each shelf looks different and creates a BAM! feature.  

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I bought 2 of these to go side by side in my cubicle and I love them! Definitely have my desk a unique look and I was able to put up more pictures of my family. Makes me look forward to seeing my desk in the mornings.