Office Cubicle Shelves for your Cubicle Decor

Starts at: $59.00

These office cubicle shelves are functional and stylish & they hold your pretties!    You need a plant in that cubicle & these cubicle shelves are a great cubicle plant holder.  We can make you a wood or laminate cubicle shelf.  When it comes to cubicle decoration ideas, we recommend making your cubicle feel like your style.  We can do modern, industrial, farmhouse, mid-century, bohemian, etc.  Folks are more productive & creative when surrounded by beautiful things…let’s get that cubicle decorated to inspire you!  

There are 2 ways to get you a cubicle shelf.  The first is adjustable cubicle hangers plus custom shelf metal brackets made by our team.  Then, we have a 4.5″ x 20″ wood shelf that fits with these brackets.     For more information, here is the video we made for an order shipping out.  


The second option is hardware designed for your cubicle.  Here we need some help from you to get you the correct hardware for your cubicle.  (And a word of caution, for an older cubicle, it can be very difficult to locate a shelf.)  Metal cubicle shelf brackets are different depending on the cubicle manufacturer and brand.  We would need to know the manufacturer to send the correct brackets.  You can take a picture of your cubicle & that will help us identify it.   On most cubicles, you can lift the top cap to find that information too.  There should be a tag.  Take a picture of that tag.  Below is an example of the tag on the panel.  We removed the top cap to get the picture of the tag on the panel.  Send the picture to 

where to look for the cubicle manufacturer









We also have lots of other cubicle and desk accessories to make your cubicle go from Boring to BAM!   We like those cubicle hangers for hanging your art and plants.   The cubicle hangers take the guess work out of determining the cubicle manufacturer.  

Let us know what you want for your cubicle shelf by sending us an e-mail. 

Modern Cubicle Shelf

An acrylic cubicle shelf was added to our collection by customer request.  Designed for a customer wanting something to go with her modern cubicle decor vibe.  Add $9 to the price for this option.  

modern cubicle shelf

Glam Cubicle Decor

We love getting pictures of our cubicle shelves in action.  Here are 2 pictures of the acrylic shelf.  Wow, we love the glam cubicle decor.  From the gold highlights and mix of textures, this cubicle decor has me wanting to travel to Chicago & see it in person!  

glam cubicle decor

acrylic cubicle shelf

Cubicle Cat Decor

Our client, Stacey, sent us pictures of the custom shelf we made her at 48″ x 4.5″.   We had tried to help her find a metal shelf for her cubicle.  Unfortunately, they are no longer made & can not be found anywhere.  We could be biased, but we think our shelf looks really purr-fect with her cubicle cat decor!  

cat office decor

These cubicle shelves are perfect for displaying your family pictures and office plants.  Our client, Dara, shared a picture of her fabulous cubicle shelf!  I AM GROOT.

cubical shelf