Modular Office Walls with Doors

Starts at: $2,995.00

These modular office walls were the solution for our client looking for flexible prefab alternative to dry wall.  Our client is a large hospital that is constantly redesigning their office spaces.  They wanted a solution without impacting the HVAC systems.  

Prefab Office Walls with Doors

These modular partitions come in a light brown.  Most clients paint the partitions to match their office design.  The product needs to be at least 3 inches beneath the ceiling.  You can leave the walls with the gap or add a moulding to fit the gap.  For added flexibility, you can attach the moulding with a semipermanent material like velcro.  

Portable Office Walls 

For 5 years, this product has been used in trade shows and museums.  The ability to hang heavy items and reusability set this product apart from other products on the market.  Plus, you can do curved modular walls!  What impressed our client was the ease of install.  You do not need a skilled  installer.  Led by a female CEO that was not skilled, she wanted a product that she could figure out.  This makes for quick assembly and more options for labor to install a bonus to our clients.  

Prefab Curved Walls

We mentioned these temporary custom walls could be made into prefab curved walls.  When you look at the way a museum displaying them, the word STUNNING comes to mind.  

prefab curved walls

Made in USA:  Yes, this product is made in the Midwest.  

Sustainability:  We like that his product can be reused and an alternative to dry wall.  

Cost:  The cost is about $65 per linear foot.  In the first use, the cost of dry wall is less expensive.  However, on the second use, these modular office walls with doors will save you money without the mess of dry wall.  

Alternative:  For a different look, you might be interested in our high wall office cubicles with doors.  Or, we have this prefab architectural wall system with a high privacy rating due to the super studs.  Need office design help…contact us.