Cubicles with Doors Cubicles with doors aftermarket solution for private offices without the drywall mess

Starts at: $2,995.00

Cubicles with Doors means privacy without messing with the construction drywall mess.  These refurbished cubicles with doors are an alternative to building private offices.  The height is 82” tall.  You can do no doors, sliding doors, or regular doors.   The option to have glass really gives a modern feel to these cubicles.  

Past Clients: Clients wanting privacy & still in the social mix.   In this install, the client needed private offices.  They debated on sliding doors vs. regular doors.  In the end, they chose physical doors.  

office cubicles with doors cubicle partitions with doors

Sustainability: Yes, these are refurbished in the USA from reclaimed cubicle panels.

Custom:  Yes, we can customize the size, finishes, & height for your needs.

Availability:  Lead time is 6 to 8 weeks from time of order.

Shipping:  Not included in the price

For more of a drywall look or a need for curved walls, you might want to check out modular office walls with doors.  

You can call, text, or contact us for that information.

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For additional cubicle with doors information, here is a video.


To help you visualize different cubicle sizes, we created this page.  The examples will not have doors, but will give you a better idea of standard cubicle sizes.  

Used Cubicles with Sliding Doors

Thru June 2020, we have 2 cubicle inventories with sliding doors coming out of a job site.  Finding used cubicles with sliding doors is rare.  If you are interested in more information, please contact us.  

used cubicles with sliding doors used large cubicles with sliding doors


If you need cubicles with doors, we have new and used options.   You can e-mail or text us at & 913-701-4847.