Office Cubicles Kansas City

Starts at: $1,495.00

Office Cubicles Kansas City FAST These office cubicles are stocked in Kansas City for fast turn projects. They are Herman Miller AO2 clone in a nice, modern gray. The metallic gray pedestal adds some shimmer. Tool bar & accessories available for purchase. Shown in walnut laminate worksurface. You can also do white. Flexibility in height & sizes.  Shown in 7 x 7s at 53″ tall mid-height for seated privacy, while still allowing an open design feel.  

Cubicle Sizes

Other popular sizes are 6 x 6s, 4 x 2s, 8 x 8s, 6 x 8s, etc.  If you want to visual the different cubicles sizes, we show you here pictures from past installs. 

Past Clients: Clients needing a quick turnaround or growing quickly & needing to match cubicles future purchases.

Sustainability: No, this is imported product.

Custom: Limited. We could recover the panels, but the price & lead time would increase.

Availability: Usually a 72 hours turn around, depending on order size.  Fabric may have a slight difference.  

Starts at: $1,495 for a 7 x 7 as shown. (Rent for $100 a month for a short term need + install & breakdown cost.)

Shipping: Not included in Price

We could also add digital images like we did in this install.

Digital Images in Cubicles

Adding a plant to your workspace in an easy way to boost office productivity. That cubicle shelf needs one of our low maintenance air plant containers. 🙂  Or, add one of our wood cubicle shelves.

Plants = Productivity