Privacy Desk Dividers

Starts at: $199.00

These Privacy Desk Dividers are one of our bestsellers.  In this install, we paired them with some Ikea Linnmon desks that the client owned.  We love this Ikea Desk Hack.  In one technology company, they wanted a dark, solid color for their engineers that want less light.  On the back side, the company used digital graphics.   

desk soundproofing dividers


The desk dividers are double sided, sturdy, and pin board.  While they were popular, we have moved to the aluminum framed dividers!  The dividers do absorb sound & provide visual privacy.  In one install, we provided them for 3 sides of a desk.  We also have a freestanding option to divide up a conference table or span a trough.      

Past Clients:  Folks needing some acoustic help & visual privacy. 

Sustainability:  It depends on the style chosen.  

Custom: Yes, we can customize the size and height for your needs.  However, standard sizes are available in 18″ and 24″ heights. 

Availability: Lead time varies with demand from time of order.  Ships from Kansas City, California, Texas, or Massachusetts depending style chosen.

Shipping:  Not included in Price

Framed Desktop Privacy Dividers

We have expanded our offering of frame desktop privacy dividers for existing desks or benching.  These are made in San Diego.  With aluminum frames they are lightweight for low cost shipping.  They come in 4 heights:  12″, 18″, 24″, and 30″.  

framed desktop privacy dividers

Cough and Sneeze Guards 

These plexiglass dividers are easy to clean with wipes, making them perfect as a cough and sneeze guard.  They attach to your existing desks and can go 24″ tall. 

desk separators

You can order the custom desk dividers from us.  Please e-mail  We have a nationwide network of installers that can receive, build your desks, & connect our dividers, making the install seamless.   

Acoustic Desk Dividers

As more companies look to add privacy to existing desks, the amount of options continue to increase.  This client needed acoustic desk dividers for existing sit to stand desks.  

acoustic desk dividers

acoustic clamp-on dividers

Desktop Dividers that slide with Dry Erase 

Desktop dividers options continue to hit the market.  We like this one with the dry erase, tackable, and sliding features.  

desktop dividers

18″ Frosted Glass Tabletop Partitions 

Frosted glass is another hard surface material that works as tabletop partitions.  Easy to clean and still allowing natural light in the office.  

18 tall frosted glass tabletop partitions

With so many options, contact us via e-mail or text at 913-701-4847 to explore what desk dividers will work best for your office.  


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