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Framery O cost Why? 

So, you did a search on a Framery phone booth & wanted to know the cost.  Now, you see the price tag & your mouth has gone dry.  You are thinking to yourself….what?  Why is an office phone booth so expensive?  Friend, it is time to pick your jaw off the floor.  Our first install of a Framery O office phone booth, the client went thru sticker shock too.  We did our thing & explained the sound proof quality, the ventilation system, lighting, fiberglass shell, etc.  Luckily, they trusted us & decided to try it.  

There were other less expensive options, but they were all very boxy.  Let’s face it, who wants to sit in a small box?  The Framery is much more pleasing from a design perspective.  Oh, the curves!!  After 2 months of the first install, they wanted another.  The employees preferred this phone booth to a 5′ x 7′ phone room.  The facility manager liked that this privacy booth saved space.  Once the 2nd one arrived, we got the call that they wanted to order one for each floor.

The stats of open plan office aren’t pretty.  Employees are craving privacy to read those motivational quotes for work success & get their job done without office distractions.  Need more convincing, here are the stats for office phone booths:   

Why we prefer this Office Privacy Pod.

We had been on the look out for a non boxy, cool looking privacy booth or office privacy pod with those CURVES!   The Framery O booth with the stylish exterior also has some additional benefits:  

  • Sound Proof –  When you are inside, you can barely hear someone screaming just outside the exterior.  This a fun, must do test! 
  • Ventilation –  Yep, you want to make sure it isn’t stuffy in there & you can breathe.
  • Seating –  It has a chair.  Nothing fancy, but it is somewhere to put your tushy.  
  • Worksurface –  You need to a place for your lab top, phone, coffee, note pad, etc.
  • Light –  You have to be able to see what you are typing in those e-mails.  
  • Power –  Keep those electronics going and going and going.  

Past Clients:  Companies with an open floor plan but also privacy booths.  Also, this is being placed in airports & co-working facilities.  In an airport or public situation, this can be a revenue generator.  Uh huh, you could charge your employees.  Okay, so probably not what you want to do, but you could!  What to see in person? You can tour a local Kansas City company with these cool office phone booths or we can set-up a FaceTime or Skype and take you thru the framery o on our showroom floor.  

Framery O Booth Installation

Here is a time lapse video of a recently Framery O Installation:

Sustainability:  No, manufactured in Finland, but we still like them a lot!   Interesting trivia, Finland drinks the most coffee.  We learned that during our research for the top reasons your office needs good coffee.  Are you interested in a Made in the USA?  How about the Nevins Phone Booth.  

Custom:  Yes, we can customize for your needs.

Availability:  Lead time of 4 weeks.

Shipping:  Not included in the price.  These are stocked in Michigan.  Yea!!   The model you select will ship from there & we will coordinate with a local installer or office furniture assembler to receive & install for you.  Our lead installer can answer any install questions and be a resource for your local installer.  

Bulk Pricing:  Yes, we can apply for a bulk pricing discount & pass that savings on to you.  Yea!


Used Office Phone Booths Pod

Framery deserves a high kick for all their design work and introducing a great product to the market.  Now, that they have been out for several years, we are seeing used office phone booths and pods on the market.  If you are interested in the current inventory, please contact us to get pricing. 

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