Air Purifying Plants & Sound Absorbing Moss Tiles

Starts at: $375.00

Air Purifying Plants & Sound Absorbing Moss Tiles for increasing office productivity with beautiful Biophilic Design Beside air purification, these panels or tiles are sound absorbing, beautiful, maintenance free, customizable, & sustainable.  This is a collaboration with a local moss artist & the sizes can be customized as well as the shape and frame color.  We have options that are ready to go!  E-mail to find out our current inventory: You can’t beat the benefits of using moss to absorb sound, lower VOCs, & easy to maintain…the trifecta of must haves!   This is preserved moss meaning it is very low maintenance.  The color should last 10 years.   

Past Clients: Very popular in Europe for decades & gaining popularity in the US. 

Sustainable Office:  Yes.  US sourced moss & in collaboration with a KC company. 

Made in the USA:  Yes!  See above.

Custom:  Yes, we can customize the size, shape, finishes, & height for your acoustic needs.

Availability:  Some pieces ready to go!!  For customization lead time varies.

Shipping:  Included in the price for the US.

Looking for more Moss or learn more about indoor plants that clean the air and remove toxins.!! 

BAM Moss Wall

Here is our new circular design.  We have a 60″ custom one in the works.  So, a big pieces doesn’t scare us. The Bam Moss Wall was almost 30 feet!

Moss Type Pictures

We do rectangles too!  

Air Purifying Plants & Sound Absorbing Moss Tiles

We have this U shape hanging in our showroom around our brick column.  You could do an L shape around a corner.  We can do all moss shapes.  

moss shapes

Framed Moss Tile 

Another example of a show stopping framed moss tile customized for the client.  This is in their lobby.  

framed moss tiles