Succulent Planters to give your office a green boost!

Starts at: $25.00

Looking for the best cubicle plants?  These succulents planters are reclaimed wood boxes & would look fabulous in your office cubicle or desk.  Succulents are LOW maintenance.  One Australian study found that 1 plant per office can have a big impact on staff spirits, office productivity & well being.  Yes, you can purchase in quantity & we encourage it! 

With succulents local to Kansas City only.   We can ship just the wood planters.   We have more office cubicle decoration ideas. 

Past Clients: Wonderful for all offices

Sustainable Office: Yes.   

Custom:  Yes, we can customize the green needs for your office.

Availability:  Some on hand.  Lead time is 2 to 3 weeks from time of order.  

Shipping:  Not included in the price.

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