Cubicles Planters… Must have for your cubicle!

Sale Price: $29.95

We love Wallygro cubicle planters as a way to get plants in your work space.   Biophilic design & including plants in your office design has been proven to positively impact office productivity.  

There are definitely the best plants for cubicles.   We like a marble pothos or snake plant for low maintenance.  

The Wallygro Eco Planter is our favorite.  It is Made in the USA by another Kansas City company from recycled plastic.  The modern design quickly gets water down to the roots which means less watering.  For us, we water every other week.  If you like sustainable, eco-friendly cubicle decor options, look no further.  

We utilized our recommended cubicle hanger to adjust over the cubicle panel.  The Eco Planter comes in several colors.  White, Green, Orange, Grey, Terracotta, etc.  You can see them in our other listings.  We created 2 & 3 tier planter stands with the planters.  For other tips on decorating your cubicle from boring to BAM, we created this page for you.

Priced for 1 Wallgro white Eco planters + the cubicle hanger as shown.  Shipping included.  You just add your plant and soil.  

For other cubicle planter options:

Wood Cubicle Planter Box

wood cubicle planter box

Office Cubicle Partition Planter

office partition planter

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