U Shaped Industrial Walnut Desk

Starts at: $3,145.00

This U shaped desk in Industrial Style is BAM! piece.  In a word, WALNUT!  We took used storage & refaced it with a beautiful live edge walnut slab.  We added new laminate worksurfaces & a custom fabric pinboard.  The result, well, we love it.  And, lucky for us, the client does too!   For another client, we did this U shaped desk with the upper storage that ran the length of the desk, bridge, and return.  We go BAM! every time we see that live edge cedar overhead.  

L Shaped Industrial Desk

After seeing this install another client wanted an L shaped industrial desk.  We continued with the cool live edge overhead.  The laminate desk top was different.  The metal frame of the desk was custom to meet the client’s needs.  

Past Clients:  This client does custom labels.  She wanted sustainable office furniture, unique, & timeless.  She trusted us a whole lot.  Thank you KC DigiCAL. 

Sustainability:  Yes, we utilized upcycled product.  The lumber was urban lumber, meaning it doesn’t come from a mill.  It was from a tree that had to be cut down due to storm, disease, etc. 

Made in USA:  You bet!

Custom:  Yes, we can customize the size, material, & shape for your needs.

Availability:  Lead time is 6 to 8 weeks from time of order.  Ships from Kansas City.

Shipping:  Not included in Price

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