Victorian Loveseat for sale

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This Victorian Loveseat for sale was inspired by KC Pipeline.  We love how they utilize a Duncan Phyfe sofa as a BAM! piece in their office.  We thought if we were able to locate a smaller piece needing a refresh, we would jump at the opportunity.  We found her at an estate sale & loved her elegance and curves.  The 49.5″ of length allows her to make an impression and seat 2 people without taking up the entire room.  She is 36″ tall at the tallest place.  Here is the before of this beauty:

Pelham Shell and Leckie Loveseat

pelham shell and leslie settee 

From our research on the manufacturer Pelham, Shell, and Leckie of Alabama, this loveseat was likely made in the 1960s.  As our friends at Cover Up Interiors on Design Drive that reupholstered her told us, she is true furniture.  She was made at a time when furniture was made to last.  

We chose a commercial grade CF Stinson velvet.  This is Ritz Leaf.  The buttons are in a rich burgundy velvet and give a kiss of contrast.  The pillow was made by Jane Hall Design.  Her work has been on HGTV.  

Victorian Furniture Rental

We believe this piece is photo ready.  If you are looking for Victorian Furniture Rental, we are happy to rent her.  She is 48″ long and will fit into a SUV.  We can also deliver and pick-up.  

Professional Headshots Kansas City

Another option would be to use her in professional headshots in our showroom.  You can bring in your own photographer or we will connect you with our recommended photographer.  Or, you can do what we did here.  We set our timer & took the picture.  BB, our resident Border Collie, didn’t miss her opportunity to join the fun.  

headshot examples with Victorian furniture

Made in USA:  Yes, she was made in Alabama.

Budget:  This piece is built to last & much better than the disposal furniture on the market.  

Sustainable:  Yes, we reused this 1960s Victorian loveseat reproduction.  

Shipping:  Price does not include shipping which will be costly due to size.  We would need your zip code and whether this is a home or office.  Are there stairs, dock, elevator, etc.? 

Status:  This beauty has moved on to its’ new home!  You can see it at this local winery & event space!  


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