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Sunday, May. 26th 2019

Innovative Office Designs and a BAM! Piece for the Office

innovative office designs

A good day for us is a day when a classic office piece like a Duncan Phyfe sofa is saved and repurposed in innovative office designs. Traditional furniture has struggled to find its way into today’s modern office design. We love how one Kansas City company, Pipeline Entrepreneurs, changed that by using a Duncan Phyfe sofa in their marketing.

innovative office designs

Duncan Phyfe Sofa

Pipeline is a fellowship of entrepreneurs or innovators.   When you see that sofa in their marketing, you want to be part of that club of entrepreneurs.  Many of Kansas City best start-up CEOs have sat on that sofa, including Toby Rush formerly of Zoloz & Eyeverify.  Toby’s company was sold for over $100 million a few years ago.  We were fortunate to work with Zoloz’s innovative office designs.  We made privacy desk dividers for their sit to stands desks, reception desk, and recycled glass table tops

Another headquarters that has a Duncan Phyfe sofa, the White House.  Yep, if it is good enough for the White House, it might be good enough for your company. 

duncan phyfe sofa

If your company culture is more bold and colorful, we spotted this unique office sofa for a social media influencer.  This pink sofa fits the influencer’s brand of being bold in your creative business.    

unique office designs

Talk Trigger or BAM Office Piece

A Duncan Phyfe sofa is a great example of what we tell companies.  You need a BAM! piece somewhere in your office.  Pieces that are innovative office designs.  A unique office design piece that makes folks remember your physical office.  We call it a BAM piece named after one of our first client’s requests.  He wanted folks to walk into their office and go, “BAM!, that is something.”  We also have heard the term talk trigger.  We recommend having something innovative in your office design that triggers conversation. 

Custom Office Loveseat

We spotted this Pelham, Shell, and Leckie settee at an estate sale.  Made in the 1960s, this 48″ loveseat will be a perfect idea sofa for an office.  Until it finds its forever home, we are happy to have it in our showroom!  

pelham shell and leslie settee

Victorian Settee

The crew at Cover-Up Interiors really brought this piece back to life!  We chose CF Stinson commercial grade green velvet.  The buttons give a kiss of contrast in a burgundy.  

victorian loveseat for sale

Repurposed Coffee Table 

Our neighbors at My Dumpster Guy have several talk triggers or BAM pieces.  The coffee table created from a leftover piano is our favorite. The owner made this table and it is one of the first things you see walking into the space.  At their Grandview Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting, everyone was talking about their innovative office designs and that cool piano table. 

unique glass coffee tables

If you have a tight budget, the good thing about a BAM piece is it can only be one piece.  Splurge on 1 piece that encompasses your team.  In our example, Duncan Phyfe style sofas are less than $400 on Craigslist.  10 yards of fabrics and an excellent reupholster like our neighbors on Design Drive, Cover Up Interiors and you have a reupholstered piece for under $2,000. 

Contact us for innovative office designs & to create a BAM piece for your office! 

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