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Sustainable gift ideas on Amazon Are you keen to be green?

We are always on the look out for sustainable gift ideas.  And, we love shopping on Amazon.  There are some affiliate links which means no cost to you.  We believe in & have purchased the product we support.   🙂   

Recycled Firefighter Wallets

We love what the Recycled Firefighter is doing with repurposed leather from combat boots & recycled fire hose to make cool money clips and wallets.  Here are 3 of our favorites.  The first 2 are from the combat boots.   We love the repurposed brown wallet.  


environmentally friendly wallets

This foliage grey wallet was a more modern feel.  

recycled firefighter amazon

Black Wallet is always in style.  

sustainable products

Coffee made our sustainable gift ideas because it is such a useful gift.  We like what Laughing Man is doing with the recyclable Keurig pods.  And, with talented Hugh Jackman as an investor, how can you not want to try this coffee?!  If you can’t dance or sign like Hugh, at least you can drink his coffee right?!  For Laughing Man drip ground coffee for the Laughing Man k-pods

Laughing Man Coffee amazon

Laughing Man Sustainable Coffee

A few years back, we looked around at all the amazing scrap material we had from our office furniture projects.   We found a US manufacturing company that takes scrap material & repurposes them into very cool products.  The proceeds of the sale of these items goes to help our charity, Share Hugs.  Share Hugs provides blankets to kiddos in foster care.   Blankets have been provided to over 300 kiddos in need.  The no sew blanket kits are purchased by Share Hugs & community volunteers make the blankets.  

community service project kansas city


If you are interested, here is one of our favorite totes.  

sustainable product design

We love this pencil case for everything.  Folks have used it for make-up brushes, kids crayons, & cubicle survival kits.  

amazon eco friendly

One of our favorite sustainable gifts is a plant in a cute planter.  We typically go with a snake plant or aloe vera plant.  Yes, you can even purchase plants on Amazon.  

aloe vera office plant



Snake Plant Mother In Law Plant Sansevieria Plant

Snake Plant Snake Plant Mother In Law Plant Sansevieria Plant

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