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Wednesday, May. 11th 2022

15 Minute Desk Yoga

15 minutes desk yoga

We all know that sitting in an office chair isn’t great for your health. When we were approached by a yoga instructor to shoot a desk yoga video in our showroom, we were thrilled. Anything we can do to promote health is a win for us.

Yoga with Anastacia

Let me tell you a bit about Anastacia, from Yoga with Anastacia. Anastacia is a multi-talented gal. She can paint, entertain a kids party, and lead a yoga class. We met when she painted a huge painting for our house. Months later, we wanted something unique for our daughter’s 6 year old birthday party. We turned to Anastacia again for a painting class birthday party. During the pandemic, she began doing more yoga and became a certified instructor.

Yoga Pose Cards Amazon

We love the way she combined her art and yoga with these yoga pose cards on amazon. So helpful to get those poses correct! Here is our affiliate link of those yoga pose cards on Amazon.

yoga cards amazon

Standing Desk Riser

Back to health and your office. We all know sitting for hours is a problem. This 15 minute desk yoga video offers you a nice break. A standing desk or a standing desk riser is another option. You can move from sitting to standing. Because it is so easy to get lost in your e-mail, we recommend seting a timer for yourself of when to stand.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Over the years, we have sold many office chairs! The best thing you can do is find an office chair that feels good to you. It is an office must have! One thing we have noticed is textured matters. Some folks prefer fabric to mesh. Others like a mesh back. Personally, I love my office chair that focuses on my lower back. Right now, we are helping a therapist find the right chair for her. She is on zoom calls all day with clients. She wants an office chair with a head rest.  We aren’t all one size fits all, so we need to find the right chair for you! 

Office Wellness Activities

Your health is important. We like desk yoga as one of the many office wellness activities to put in your routine.  Start today with a small, positive change. Spend 15 minutes doing desk yoga.  Tomorrow, take a walk break! 

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