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Tuesday, Nov. 19th 2019

Humor in the Workplace

humor in the workplace

We believe an office must have is Humor in the Workplace.  Studies show that leading with laughter is very beneficial to a team..  

Years ago, I was on a project that tested this theory.  I was consulting in Bethesda, Maryland.  The team traveled in on Monday and left Friday afternoon.  The project hours were terrible.  We worked 12 hour days.  After 6 months on the project, no one on the team had taken in anything beyond the 1 mile project site.  And, we loved it!  The work was awful, but the handpicked team was incredible.  Humor was everywhere.  Secret Santas, Chili Cook-offs, weekend retreats, there was no shortage of team building and inside jokes.  

Fast forward to another project, the team was dysfunctional, but the work was invigorating.  Folks could not wait to get off the team.  With the contrast of that project, I knew Humor in the Workplace mattered.  

There is nothing like a sharing a laugh to bring a team together.  With importance of workplace humor in mind, we created several products to generate chuckles or at a minimum smiles and hopefully, help you deal with some office situations.

Funny Work Signs

We start with the office kitchen.  The place every employee visits, but no one wants to clean.  Our popular office kitchen fairy sign is one way to help.  

office kitchen etiquette sign funny

We have a specific sign to assist with funny microwave etiquette.  

office microwave etiquette









Since we are on the office kitchen, we can not forget about the refrigerator.  Has your office refrigerator become office storage?  How about this sign to remind folks to clean up their forgotten lunches?  

fridge clean out sign printable









And, we didn’t forget about the dishwasher.  Here is humorous sign addressing the frustration of leaving dishes in the sink.  

funny work memes clean

Here is an office funny for those home office folks during Covid-19.  If you are also home schooling, this may have some extra meaning for you.  

office funny liquor cabinet

Fun Games in Office on Fridays

Whether you use these next suggestions as 5 minute team building to start a meeting or fun games in the office on Friday, you will enjoy.  The first is a game of office mad libs.  I am sure you have played this where you chose adjectives, nouns, verbs without reading the story.  Those word choices are inserted into an office story.  Fun, quick, & your English teacher will be proud you can still dissect a sentence!  

The other quick game is a game of Would You Rather Questions .  Here you have 2 pretty bad choices, like Would you Rather change a dirty diaper or eat sardines?  Folks go around and tell their choice.  You will laugh and learn about your co-workers at the same time!  Our game is catered to office situations.  

Office Pet Peeves

There is something enjoyable about bonding over office pet peeves.  We did an informal survey of some neighbors about things that drive them crazy in the office.  From e-mail to just general irritations, discuss with your co-workers and see if we missed any on our list!  

Whenever my father wanted us to do something that wasn’t going to be fun like planting trees when it is freezing outside, he used to say, “A family that plants trees together stays together.”  Well, in the case of a team, it is true that “A Teams that Laughs together Stays Together.”  We hope your teams starts laughing!  


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