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Tuesday, Nov. 13th 2018

Industrial office designs: Herman Miller Eames chairs, retro style raw metal patina desks, & handcrafted wood shelves

industrial office designs

Our client loves industrial office designs and we have industrial office ideas!  A few weeks ago, a past client from Nashville called us.  We did an install for them a few years ago and they needed furniture for another office.  They found us the first time due to our shared love for industrial office furniture. Wood, metal, & Herman Miller Eames…it has it.   It was this desk we did for a local (Kansas City) company, with live edge walnut overheads, that caused them to reach out to us. 

U Shaped Industrial Desk

Industrial Office Furniture Kansas City

For their first install, we created several industrial office desks.  Here is one of our favorites with a pecan overhead.  

Industrial Office Space U shaped Desk Kansas City

There were industrial tables too!  

Industrial Wood Meeting Table

The client is an industrial machinery leasing company.  We love the visual for how their business ties into their industrial office designs.  

Wood Desk with pipe legs

Industrial Office Designs 

For this next project, they wanted a retro industrial look.  We weren’t sure we could do it in a tight time frame.   The picture they sent us as inspiration was Restoration Hardware’s 1940s industrial office line.  Our first challenge was locating that style of files.  In the end, we had to go with the style of files we found locally.  We went with these used Knoll files, as they had a box/box/file, file/file, and 2 drawer lateral in the same style.  This is the before and after of these office file cabinets.

Industrial File Cabinets 

before and after of an office cabinet

We had quite a challenge of turning those grey cabinets into the patina the client wanted.  Luckily, we caught a break there.  We hired our local friend and color expert at Trash Studio as a color consultant.  Dawn’s steampunk furniture & funky color style was exactly what we needed for this project.  She has made wood look metal in previous projects.  

wood to metal dresser

Color Consult 

Dawn walked us thru the steps that needed to be done to create the client’s desired patina.  We went to work.  Once we had the files prepped & the base color applied, she came to again consult on what color to add to our iron coat base.  

color consult

Design Drive 

In addition to working with Dawn on this project.  We worked with more companies in the neighborhood on Design Drive:  Grandview Top made the walnut laminate tops.   For the shelves in the file cabinets, Charlie our neighborhood wood & mixed wood furniture expert made us solid maple shelves.  The client chose a maple stain for the shelves.  Once the shelves were done, we started to get a feel for how beautiful the project was going to be.  

industrial office finishes

Used Eames Soft Pad Chairs

In the last industrial office designs install, the client went with used Herman Miller Eames seating.  They love the way the Eames soft pad chairs sit.  Once you sit in a soft pad Eames chair, your tushy will never be the same!  This chair was designed by the iconic designers, Charles & Ray Eames.  One of favorite quotes by Charles Eames, “The real questions are: Does it solve a problem? Is it serviceable?  How is it going to look in ten years.”  This chair was designed in 1969 & the design still holds up against the test of time.  

After many long hours, we completed the painting.   We picked up the walnut laminate tops.  Finally, it was time to see how everything looked put together.  Are you ready for the big reveal?  

Industrial Desk – Dream Desk Set-up

Of course we are biased, but we love it!  We had a local photographer come do the photo shoot.  Stroke of Red Studio let us borrow some of her landscape art.  The live edge console table is beautiful as a desk credenza.  You will see our indoor office planter stand on the desk top.  A plant is a good way to bring biophilic design to your office.  We also paired with an office floor mat.  We can do many different vinyl chair mats for hard floor surfaces.  Since we have concrete floors, we love these chair mats to warm up our office space & keep with the vintage industrial style.    

industrial desk office furniture

Industrial Conference Room

We have more Eames soft pad chairs.  Eames work with any stye:  Industrial, Modern, Transition.  They are stunning as conference room chairs.  

industrial conference room


Do you want an vintage industrial style for your office design project?  If so, contact us.  

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