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Wednesday, Nov. 28th 2018

Office Planter Ideas for a more creative, productive, & healthy life!

Office Planter Ideas for more creative, productive, & healthy life

When we posted home office must haves, an office plant was one of our must haves.  So, whether you are at home or go into an office, we have office planter ideas.  We have taken our suggestion seriously & we have plants & planters all over our showroom.  In fact, we are designing a BAM! metal wall that will have our magnetic floating plant shelves!  

magnetic wood floating shelf
Magnetic Floating Shelf


For a brief recap, biophilic design of bringing the outdoors to the indoors is proven in study after study to improve employee productivity.  We love the sarcasm in the Living Plant video.  

Self Watering Planters 

Several months ago, we met with Callie England the President of WallyGro.  We knew we wanted to include a living wall or planters in our showroom to show companies how they could easily maintain plants.  Callie brought in the Wally Eco Planters.  This is a self watering planter with an award winning design.

Self Watering Hanging Planters
Self Watering Hanging Planters

We are several months in with having these planters in our showroom. While hanging them on the wall was a great option for a home office, in the era of open offices that wasn’t the best option for us.  Plus, we have concrete block walls.  Our showroom mirrors the current office trends.  We have very few walls & as luck would have it what we have isn’t the best option for natural light.  This is why created the indoor office planter stand and the 3 tier plant stand.   

modern wooden plant stand

We love the Wallygro Eco Planters & the planter stands.  Every other week, we set-up an alert on our phone to put water in the reservoir in the back of the planter.  Since the design of the planter allows the roots of the plants to receive water first, you water less.   Can you purchase the planters from us?  You bet.  You can also purchase them on Amazon.   The selection on Amazon is limited.  We can sell you the color you want in different quantities & do a bundle order.   🙂   

In terms of the planter stand, we designed this stand to work with the eco planters.  We love the way Charles puts together mixed wood furniture of maple, walnut, & cherry.  We thought it would be a beautiful compliment of the recycled plastic planter.  

You can also use the eco planter with a cubicle wall.  In this example, 2 planters hang over the cubicle panel wall.  This allows you and your neighbor to both have a plant & compare which one of you has the green thumb.  You could also just use the planter as an office caddy for files.  

hanging cubicle planter

Planter Divider Ideas

Cubicle folks are also loving this planter divider idea.  This planter fits on the top of your cubicle panel or can sit on your desk.  It is your choice.  We think it is a fantastic cubicle accessory!  

privacy planter
Planter for top of Cubicle Planter

Moss Painting 

We love moss painting.   Moss tiles are a way to receive the air purifying benefits & sound absorption of a plant in the office without the maintenance.  They are more expensive for an initial investment; however, the maintenance is little to nothing.  We have several framed moss tiles in our office.  We warmed up our brick column with a custom moss piece that would work for a wall corner as well.  

The moss tiles are created locally.  From the custom & preset frames, the work is done by Kansas City companies.  

wall corner art

Test Tube Planter

test tube planter

Another low maintenance option is for live or dried flowers or plants in a test tube planter.  We purchased this one on Amazon.  It is pine planter that can set on your desk or hang.   We loved the double use for this piece.  The wood is all natural without a stain or polyurethane.  This is an all in price of less than $15.  It is lightweight & they send you an extra test tube & brush cleaner.  From the packaging it was made in China.  Video of the Amazon Planter Review.

Wood Desktop Planter

After receiving the Amazon option, we designed our own option similar to something Charles had done in the past with his mixed wood furniture style.  This planter with 3 test tubes has the benefits of the cheaper option; however, it does have a polyurethane for protection.  It would work with any room or season.  

wood desktop planter


small wooden planters

Magnetic Pineapple Air Plant Holder 

We are giving ourselves a pat on the back for keeping our air plants alive.  These cuties need to be soaked for 20 minutes once a week.  We have displayed them all over the showroom.  We were looking for accessories for the Umbra magnetic board we wanted to review.  We spotted this pineapple planters & decided we had to get them.   A pineapple just has a way of making you smile.  Perhaps, it is memory of summers & pina coladas.  

magnetic board amazon

pineapple planter

In summary, go GREEN & choose from our office planter ideas a solution that works for you!  Fill out the form below and let’s get some plants & planters in your office!


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