3 tier plant stand handcrafted wood floor plant stand Folks will Ooooh & Ahhh over this beauty of cherry, walnut, maple, & cedar!

Starts at: $79.95

3 tier plant stand 

We are loving our 3 tier plant stand!  This is handcrafted a stone’s throw from our showroom.  The plant stand is shown with 3 of the Wallygro eco planters.  These Made in the USA planters are made from recycled milk jugs.  

Our indoor wooden plant stand is made from cherry, maple, walnut, & cedar.  The base is 10″ x 13″.  The back is 35″ tall.  We can sell this 3 tier plant stand with or without the planters.  Add $20 per planter.  

 This is also available in a tabletop plant stand option.  

tabletop planter stand

Tabletop Planter

Wallygro is another Kansas City company.  Each planter is from about 8 milk jugs.  They come in several colors.  It was designed with the water reservoir to feed root directly and can decrease watering by up to 75%.  The breathable front panel promotes optimal root health by allowing the soil to aerate naturally.  We recommend a plant as must haves for your home office due to the benefits of plants in the office.

3 Tier Wooden Wall Planters

We like these 3 tier wooden wall planters too.  These are hung on the wall of a local ice cream store.   The wood warms up the feeling of that concrete block wall.  Then, the green live plants add another soft touch to the space.  

3 tier wooden wall planters

We have a list of recommended office plants that indoor plants that clean the air and remove toxins.  The spider plant is just one of our recommended plants.  

Spider Plant in Wally Eco














benefits of spider plant

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