Cubicle Accessories

Starts at: $99.95

Cubicle Accessories We love this cubicle planter to add some sustainability to your cubicle.  These planters are lightweight & durable.  They are hot stamped with a metallic finish.  We are working on a moss insert for those that what a low maintenance option.  Or, you can add your own office plant.  The brackets allow this to fit on the top of your cubicle panel.  This cubicle accessory is a great way to add more height to your cubicle, giving you more privacy.  

There are 2 different sizes:  24″ x 7″ x 7 & 30″ x 7″ x 7″ 

Pricing includes Brackets for 1 planter.  We can also work on a faux plant arrangement.  They are many benefits of plants in the office.  Because light and maintenance can be tricky, here are the best cubicle plants.    We also considered plants that rates high for removing formaldehyde, a commonly found air toxin in office environments.  

Made in USA:  Yes!

Sustainability:  Manfactured with recyclable, commercial grade polystyrene.  

Availability:  Ready to go.

Shipping:  Contact us.  Depending on order size & location, shipping may be included.  

Here is a first look at the moss insert, a low maintenance alternative to add some green to your office. 

feng shui plants for office desk

We just finished this white planter with faux plants, driftwood, and preserved moss.   We would love to make the planters in wood.  If you have something in mind contact us.  We love playing with these planters that warm up the office!  Let’s design something for you.  

office cubicle planter

Cubicle Planter

Cubicle Plants

As other options, we have this indoor office planter that would set on your cubicle or desk worksurface.  We like that you can use the planter as a file cubby or both as planters.  This tiered planter stand is made a couple of doors down from us on Design Drive.  We are lucky to have talented artists so close to us.  

indoor office planter

Another option for a cubicle planter that hangs across your cubicle panel is coming soon:

hanging cubicle planter

Hanging Cubicle Planter

Interested in any of these options or want a custom solution, please email