DIY Moss Hexagon Decor for your Home & Office

Starts at: $7.47

This DIY Moss Hexagon Decor is a fun project for office cubicle decorations!  We chose the hexagon paper mâché shadowbox for this project.  These are a good size.   They are 9.75″ x 11.38″.   We drilled a whole in the back to hang.  Due to the light weight of the paper mâché, you can easily hang on a nail.  Once you have the hole drilled, you can hang on the wall or with the cubicle hangers for cubicle decor.  Of course, these work to also sit on table or desk.  


For the moss, we had some reindeer moss on hand.  However, you can also order the reindeer moss with the shadow box.  Moss is a low maintenance way to add greenery and biophilic design to your office or home.  It also provides sound absorption that add to your office privacy.  

Project will cost less than $20.  Then, it is time to get the hot glue gun going.  Glue the back of the shadow box about an inch at a time & then, hold the moss in place.  Make sure you grab enough moss to protect your fingers!  Then, after you have the moss glued, you can go back & fill in any areas that need more moss.  

Easy DIY Wall Art

These hexagons work well in a grouping.  As a team building exercise with co-workers, you can each decorate one and hang together to create a BAM! wall in your office.  You can see a combination of 4 of these each done a different way.  You could go with a cohesive theme with your company brand colors or let everyone do their own thing.  


Our link will take you to where to purchase a similar item.  Consumer Crafts is where we purchased our hexagons.  They were acquired by Michaels.  Michaels has wood hexagons and the closest we could find to the paper mache option we did.    If you use our link, we get a small courtesy fee that helps keep the lights on and the DIY projects going & zero cost to you.  Thank you!  

If you are interested in talking to our moss artist about larger piece for your office, please contact us