Ezobord Office Dividers for Acoustic and Visual Privacy

Starts at: $875.00

The first time we saw these Ezobord Office Dividers  we were wowed!  The client had been in their space for 2 years.  They talked about how they love them for dividing work teams and providing visual privacy.  The room dividers are suspended from the ceiling and hang close to the floor for maximum visual and acoustic division.  

As you look thru the gallery of pictures, you will see many color and design options.  There are 30 color options and 19 designs.  The material comes in 2 thicknesses 3/8″ and 1/2″.  The material is 100% polyester with 50% of that recycled fiber.  It looks like a thick felt.  

We hear from clients looking for modern acoustic office solutions, this is one we recommend as well as the Framery phone booths.  For a customized freestanding divider that you can design to the style you want, including an industrial office divider, we recommend these office dividers.

The product is made in North America.  We credit our friends to the North (Canada) for these cool room dividers!   


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