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Monday, Aug. 6th 2018

Office Desk Accessories – From boring to BAM, Humdrum to Healthy, & Open to Private

office desk must haves

We have office desk accessories that focus on healthy & sustainable you!!  Purchase 2 or more items for the best deal.  

Office Desk Accessories

Let’s start with the healthy!  With the amount of hours you sit, you want an ergonomic office chair.  We like this chair as it has 3 inches of foam on the seat.  That extra inch makes a difference in your comfort.  We also like the seat pan adjustment to make sure seat hits you at the right place.  

ergonomic office chair

Ergonomic Office Chair

The desk riser is a very popular item.  To keep from sitting, this riser takes you from sitting to standing.  There are applications you can use to buzz you when it is time to stand.  

Sit to Stand riser Overland Park

Desk Riser

Another concern we have heard is the open office.  One business manager told us she was tired of noise pollution.  This desk top divider provides visual privacy.  We can customize the size, shape, & fabric.  The divider is very dense to absorb sound.  We also have a freestanding & clamp version, depending on your need.  

Below is the clamp option.  

Privacy Desk Separator kansas city

Clamp-On Desk Divider

Here is the freestanding option.  Past clients have used this to span a power trough or privacy for a long table.  

Freestanding Table Divider kansas city

Freestanding Desk Divider

Biophilic design is bringing the outdoors indoors and how that promotes good health.  We love living walls; however, we believe in low maintenance solutions.  Framed moss is our favored solution.  It is low maintenance, sound absorbing, & air cleaning.  

Moss Graffiti

Framed Moss 

Our next solution is for the folks wanting an office mat that isn’t boring.  They want something for their hard floor with a bit of BAM!  This is a product made in the USA & available in several prints & sizes.  

Chair Mat for Office Chair

Office Chair Mat

We love the look of wood!  This business card holder is from spalted maple.  The aluminum drums are repurposed from a refurbisher toner company.  The company is a mixture of rustic & modern while remaining sustainable.  

desk decor ideas

Eco-Friendly Business Card Holder

See 2 items you like?   Email us the two or more you want for the best pricing.   Payment is easy.  We can do a special Etsy listing or a private invoice to pay on-line.  

Here are the links to these items.

Framed Moss

Ergonomic Office Chair 

Mobile Pedestal

Office Chair Mat

Desk Divider

Business Card Holder

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Desk Accessories

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