Office Mad Libs as 5 minute games for a meeting

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We love office mad libs for a 5 minute game before a meeting.  They can be used as an ice breaker game for meeting.  Laughing is a great way to bond your work team together.  There are 21 stories in this book.  To add to the fun, we suggest a team member read the story in different voice.  You can do a cheer leader,  Darth Vader, pirate or angry voice.  Have fun with it!

If follow the link to Amazon & purchase, we will get a small fee to help keep the lights on.  Thank you! 

With office mad libs you pick words that will later be used in a story.  The magic happens when these words are put into a story.  To see how it works, enjoy this example of Jimmy Fallon & Benedict Cumberbatch.  A team that laughs together stays together!   Enjoy! 


For more office humor, we created would you rather questions for the officeoffice pet peeves & cubicle etiquette signs.

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