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Sunday, Jan. 6th 2019

Office Pet Peeves The funny things that drive you crazy in the work place

office pet peeves

Oh, the office pet peeves!  We wrote about cubicle etiquette & that created a whole other category of office pet peeves.  Hopefully, in reading this, you can get the benefits of humor in the workplace.  As someone that has worked from a home office for the better part of 10 years, we recruited some help to refresh our corporate memories.  

Let’s start with the e-mail.  What would we be without our e-mail?  We need it, love it, & also hate it.  

Top 8 Email Pet Peeves 

  1. Reply to All –  From our small focus group of neighbors in the park, this one made all of us cringe.  The person that replies to all when they should have replied to just the sender.  Not all the folks on the e-mail chain want to go down the rabbit hole of knowing your response.  Please don’t take us on that journey.  Replies to all are like the flu.  Once one co-worker is infected, then, another decides to cross the line to the reply all dark side.  Pretty soon the whole e-mail chain has been infected with the Reply to All flu!
  2.  Biggest File Sender –  This one just happened to me.  I had someone send me an 80 page PDF.  80 pages…it locked up my entire e-mail, as it pushed it beyond the server size requirements.  Friends ~  No one wants an 80 page presentation.  In this case, it was 80 pages of pictures of office furniture.  Yep, my eyes, I just looked at 80 pages of used office cubicles & chairs.  Even for an office furniture junkie, that was about 70 pages too many!
  3. Mr. or Ms Dictionary  –  I should not have to go to to read your e-mail.  I do not want to learn a new word while reading an e-mail from you.  I want you to get to the point, please.  
  4. The Novel Writer –  If it is longer than 2 paragraphs, I am not interested.  Your e-mail will be closed & put in the folder (to read when I have free time which is likely never.)  Get to the point.  You are not trying out for the Yale MBA program.  I want a concise, to the point e-mail.   A dear friend told me they completed a 34 page memo to the owner of their business.  Memo?  Really?  There is no such thing as a 34 page memo.  Likely, that was 33 pages too long.  
  5. Mr. or Ms. Insecure –  Did you get the e-mail I just sent?   The office walk by to come to my desk to check on the e-mail you just sent.  Really?!  Most folks will respond.  Give them some time…like at least 30 minutes!  Or, just call or come to my desk vs. sending the e-mail.  
  6. Crazy Copier  How about the CC overuser?   This is that coworker that copies you on everything.  Perhaps, it the person you manage that wants to make sure you know they returned at 9:00 p.m..  Whatever the reason, no one wants to see every e-mail sent. 
  7. Mad Cap Lock  You open the e-mail & entire email is in cap lock. Yuck!  A variation is the person that drifts in and out of cap lock to shout at you via e-mail.  Double yuck!
  8. Explanation Point Addict  There should be a rule on the number of explanation points per e-mail or per sentence.  No more than 3 explanation points.  No need to keep your finger on the explanation point gas!  We get your enthusiasm at 3.  

Next, to the other office pet peeves stuff.  

Office Pet Peeves

  1. Ehhh, to the block calendar  How about  the person that schedules a meeting when you have your calendar blocked?  So, they think you randomly blocked your calendar?  What do they think you are the office magician that can be in two places at once.  Big sigh! 
  2. Temperature Yo-Yo  Speaking for a friend, but a pre-menopausal woman needs no help with hot flashes.  Please keep the temperature consistent so a person knows what to expect.  The yo-yo game of freeze then, sweat is No Fun!  
  3. Ignorant  There are many ways to say do not disturb.  We even sell the do not disturb or away from desk signs for your desk.  What about  the person that comes up to your desk & acknowledges your sign, “I see you are on do not disturb, but do you mind a quick question?”  Really?! 

Well, which office pet peeve drives you crazy the most?  Did we miss one?  If you are looking for more office fun, how about a game of office mad lib?  



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