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Thursday, Aug. 16th 2018

Find out how we saved money, used scrap material, and designed some COOOL Aluminum mens office desks.

mens desk

When we received a call a few weeks ago from a horse trailer manufacturer needing mens office desks for the drafting dudes, we pitched the idea of using some of their material to make the desks.  They were open to the idea.  After getting the tour of the plant, we had an idea.  Where is your scrap material?  Our tour guide, later design partner, realized then what we had in mind.  Let’s make some cool desks from scrap material!  Here were the goodies we saw on that tour.  

aluminum welding product

Repurposed Office Desks

We talked thru the design, provided the lay-out, & priced out the project.  Once they did a comparison and realized we would save them over $2,000, customized sizes to fit the best areas, & desks that told their story, we got the green light.  

Here are the first aluminum desks created drying after the acid wash.  Thank you for a hot, summer day to aid the drying process!

aluminum desktop

Aluminum Office Desk

To complete the mens office, Steelcase mobile pedestals were added.  We like mobile pedestal for storage & guest seating.  We also hung a glass marker board.  

aluminum office desk

Drum roll to see the finished aluminum office desks and our design partner | welder | drafting dude!  

Do you love it?  If you do & want something similar for your office, e-mail me.  We know a guy! 

mens office desk

Modern Metal Office Desk

Want to see more? Mens Office video for the Drafting Dudes Den.  

Here are the other products, we used at this install:

Office Chairs 

Haworth File | File Mobile Pedestal

Haworth Box | File Mobile Pedestal

Not in the Kansas City area, we can let you know how to do this locally to you.  E-mail us at 

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