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Friday, Mar. 27th 2020

Furniture for Daycare Center

Soft Seating for Child Care Center

In this install of furniture for a daycare center, we combined traditional tables and chairs for classrooms with collaborative seating for other areas.  The colorful sectionals were cousins to the BAM piece we did for a pediatric office waiting room

In Stock Daycare Furniture

One of the biggest challenges of this project was the timeline.  The project was fast tracked due to Covid 19.  They needed the daycare up and going as soon as possible for essential hospital staff’s kiddos.  With the timeline challenge, we looked to a school furniture manufacturer only 4 hours from the hospital.  We went in-stock daycare furniture.  

Soft Seating Child Care Furniture

The manufacturer had amazing soft seating options ready to go!  The child care center had 3 pods broken up by age groups.  Each pod had a traditional classroom and chairs.  For a more flexible, collaborative learning, each pod also had a soft seating area.  The difference between the seating was the height of pieces, allowing a uniform look that flowed throughout the space.  

Collaborative Seating for 10-12 Year Olds

child care center sectionals

Soft Seating for 7 – 9 Year Olds

soft seating daycare furniture

Child care seating 5 – 6 Year Olds

collaborative kindergarten furniture

Classroom Seating for DayCare Center

For the traditional classroom seating, the designers selected adjustable table bases that change in height depending on the age of the kiddos.  The grey table legs were a softer choice with the other interior finishes versus black legs.  

tables and chairs for child care furniture  

Table Height for Daycare Furniture by Age Group

When we are project managing a job, we try to think of anything we can do before the job to help with the install.  For instance, we asked the manufacture how the truck was loaded.   Anything we can let the installers know beforehand saves time and when you have 5 installers on the job the phrase time is money is a very true statement.  In this case, we needed to let the installers know how tall to make the tables in the pods.  A quick rule of thumb is you add 12″ to the height of the chair seat.  That was a good base line.  The following table provided by the manufacturer was also a big help.  

table height for daycare furniture by age group

Tables and Chairs for Daycare Center 

Here is another picture of the tables and chairs for the daycare center.  These were the 18″ tall chairs for our 5th and 6th graders.  

classroom daycare furniture

In reflecting on the install, it is hard to believe it went from concept to install in less than a week.  From the designers, manufacturer, and installers, the quick response and flexibility really made the project work!  We all know how important it is to keep hospital staff focused on their job vs. worrying about daycare.  We are glad to have a small part in making this happen.  

If you want to see the entire lay-out or have any questions, please contact us!  We are happy to share.  



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