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Tuesday, Dec. 31st 2019

DIY Cubicle Coat Hanger

DIY cubicle coat hanger

This DIY project is functional, easy, and attractive!  We will show you how to do a DIY cubicle coat hanger.  We start with our favorite adjustable cubicle hangers.   There are 2 of them in your order.  This project only takes one, so you will have an extra.  You can use it for a cubicle planter, this DIY moss hexagon, or make a second cubicle coat hanger for you or your best work buddy!  

Then, you purchase a cabinet knob to hold up your coat.  The adjustable hanger already has a hole for the knob.  Your coat will hang down between 7″ and 8″ below the top of your cubicle.  You can find cabinet knobs at Lowes or Home Depot in the finish & style that strikes your fancy!  We found our knobs at Habitat for Humanity Restore for about a 50 cents apiece.  

TIP:  You want a knob that you can screw into vs. a knob with the screw already attached to the knob.  

length of cubicle coat hanger

All of our knows were about 1″ in diameter and a little under 1″ in depth.  

front view of knob for DIY cubicle coat hanger

knob for DIY cubicle coat hanger

Our knobs did come with screws however, they were too deep for this project.  Most cabinet knobs are 8-32.  At Lowes, we found a package of 8-32 screws 3/8″ long.  These worked!!  We also have extras.  We did not need the nuts.  If you can purchase just the screws, that would be perfect.  1/2″ long should work too.  

screw for DIY cubicle coat hanger

So, let’s recap on the material list for your DIY Cubicle Coat Hanger:

  1.  Adjustable Cubicle Hangers –  Around $5 on Amazon
  2. Cabinet Knob –  Found at your favorite hardware store. We found ours for 50 cents at Habitat for Humanity Restore.
  3. 8-32 3/8″ screws for the knob –  We needed shorter screws than the screws that came with the knobs.  Our package with extra was about $2.  

For a different look, we have a wood cubicle coat hanger.  

Cubicle Coat Hanger

You can also purchase a plastic coat hanger  from Amazon than hangs over your cubicle.  This is an affiliate link.  There is no charge for you & we get about a dime to keep the lights on.  🙂  

cubicle coat hooks amazon

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