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Friday, Dec. 13th 2019

How to Make Flower Pens from Thrift Store, Garage Sale, and Dollar Store Finds

how to make flower pens

We thought the task of How to Make Flower Pens was a great family project to do with my 6 & 7 year old.  We love these pen flower bouquets can double as office cubicle decor.  We were inspired after seeing this project: How to Make a Faux Succulent Pen Planter.

As I was discussing the project with the kids, I began to realize I was in trouble when my daughter asked, “Are we going to be YouTubers?”  My response:  “Kinda”  After you see the video, you will see that the YouTuber dream is not part of our future.  We did charge on and make the video.  In our video, it became clear that my children have watched enough YouTube videos with the message to Subscribe to my Channel.  My children are less than subtle with that message.  Sorry.  

Onto the project, we thought a repurposed candle container would make a good vase.  In the end, we realized it wasn’t tall enough for our pens  We switched to a painted green upcycled can.  This can we purchased painted at a garage sale for 50 cents.  You could do yourself with some chalk paint.  Without paint, a can would also work.  

Pen Bouquet

Supplies to Make Flower Pens:

Container or Vase for the Pens/Flowers (Great opportunity to repurpose something.  Look for something 5 1/2″ – 6″ tall.)  

River Rock or something to add some weight to the vase.  If you do not have something, Dollar Tree has options.  

Faux Flowers The faux flowers were purchased from the local Thrift Store.  We were able to purchase an entire bag for $4.99 with plenty of flowers left over for future projects.  Again, Dollar Tree has options for a $1.  🙂   

Black Electric Table to tape the faux flower stem to the pen.  You will cover this up with floral tape or tape of your choice.  

Floral tape can be purchased at Dollar Tree or anywhere.  

Tin snippers –  You need a sharp pair to cut the wire stems of the faux flowers.  

Pens –  We purchased a large bag of pens for $2 from a recycling supply place in KC called Scraps KC.  

Steps on How to Make Flower Pens

  1.  Cut the Stem with the tin snippers.  You will want to hold up to your pen to make sure you are cutting them the right length.  If you plan to keep the cap of the pen on, you will want to factor that in your cut.  It is hard to put the  cap if the flower is attached close to the end of the pen.  
  2. Add the black electrical tape to the pen and the faux flower wire stem.  
  3. Wrap the black tape and wire with the floral tape.  
  4. Add river rocks to your pot.  
  5. Place your pens in the container.  
  6. Check this off your to do list!






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